Achieving Success As a Writer – Easy to Follow Tips to Preparing a Travel Diary

Visiting a beautiful place doesn’t have to be a singular experience. That is why so many travel books and magazines exist. So why not try your hand at travel writing, you may just earn some cash that could pay for your next trip!

By keeping a diary or journal of your travels you can instantly revisit and relive the places where you have been. Keeping a journal of your experiences can be as demanding as it is rewarding but having the finished article to keep forever is worth the effort! These experiences will form the basis of your writing. But you need to get the diary right in the first place.

Firstly it is generally good to choose an interesting notebook or journal to take travelling with you but it also has to be durable and functional. Once you have chosen your book you just need to get scribbling.

Your approach to journaling can be as varied as you are! Some people like to keep a very strict written account of what they do. This is useful because it contain factual information but be careful not to write every single detail of what you do as otherwise you would be in danger of never revisiting your words. It can be detailed but not to the point where it is painful (as in five years time you really are not going to care whether you caught the number 38 bus into the city or not)!

Other people like to keep a loosely structured diary which involves images as well as words. Sketches whilst travelling can be the most rewarding because of their ability to convey more of a place through the process of their creation than many words can. It almost doesn’t matter about your own drawing ability, purely by sitting in a place and sketching you can remember the sights and smells of a place and thus they are an enriching (and, in my opinion, essential) part of your travel diary. This free approach can also be enhanced with pasted museum stubs and transport tickets. A multimedia journal can always be revisited whatever your mood!

One tip is not to be too precious about your journal when writing it because you would often be inclined to give it up. If you don’t fancy writing an account of where you have been one day then idly doodle or play noughts and crosses with your travel companion. Treat your journal as a splurge for your thoughts and feelings rather than a strict, structured and factually accurate diary. You can always date each day as a way of keeping a loose sense of chronology and order.

Lastly, always make sure you have your journal and a pen close to hand so that you can capture any random conversation, sight or moment so that it can be preserved and enjoyed continuously. It can also help to make your travel writing more interesting and therefore more likely to appeal and to sell.

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